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Quick Start - Street Forecast API

With the Street Forecast service you can get forecast measurements on different dimensions of the traffic network.

Follow the steps on this page to get started with Street Forecast API.

API endpoint

You can use this endpoint get the speed forecast associated to a specific street.



The street is identified by the couple (street, fromnode).

Alternatively you can choose one of the following options to send your request.


curl --location --request GET ""


$headers = @{"apiKey" = "YOUR_API_KEY"} 
$Uri = "" 
$response = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $uri -Method Get -Headers $headers 
$response | ConvertTo-Json


Below you find a possible result associated to the street (123, 123).

"forecastStreet": {
  "streetIdno": 123,
  "fromNode": 123,
  "openLrCode": "4587"
"forecastResults": [
    "totime": "2023-12-28T16:16:46.260Z",
    "fromtime": "2023-12-28T16:16:46.260Z",
    "creationtime": "2023-12-28T16:16:46.260Z",
    "flow": 0,
    "speed": 0

You need to get a Demo or Real instance of PTV Flows, before using the API Key.

Please, use the contact form for requesting a PTV Flows instance.

After you got the access to the instance, click API Key button.

Get your free API access Key